Google has hired an Apple hardware architect for SoC development

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It’s no secret that Apple’s A series chips are exceptional performers. Think what you want of the company of walled gardens, but it sure can design a proper processor. Qualcomm, on the other hand, gives us chips like the Snapdragon 808. Snapdragon chips have failed to truly impress for a long while.

Google seems to be working on something new, as the company has hired Manu Gulati. He was a hardware architect at Apple and is said to have played a big role in making the Apple A series chips, so his expertise should be very valuable to Google.

His new position at Google is the Lead SOC Architect. This points to Google working on its own custom chips, much like Apple does. On top of that, more SoC-related jobs have popped up on Google Careers, so it seems that Google is serious about creating its own chips.

With Snapdragon chips no longer being exceptional, we hope Google can bring something special to the market. Not only that, but the combination of hardware and software from one company usually results in better performance and integration. If and when a device launches with Google’s new chips, we expect the performance to be exceptional. We may be looking at the beginning of an Android performance revolution in the works!

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